I’ve been amazingly lucky in work and life. I’ve pretty much done whatever I wanted to do. This marvelous journey has taken me from structural engineering to architecture to management consulting to running global supply chains in Australia to product, strategy, and business development roles for start-ups in Silicon Valley and healthcare consulting. I sometimes feel I’ve experienced the full spectrum of what does and doesn’t work.

Nothing is more rewarding for me than creating a great experience or product and sharing it with others.  Unexpected or new combinations often yield amazing results. A close second is learning new things.

I’ve been an avid endurance athlete since school (no fast-twitch muscles or hand-eye coordination here) and the fabulous weather and amazing accessibility of great trails in the SF bay area have only fueled that passion.

I run to eat.  The produce here is fantastic, and I love to create, share & consume all that goodness.

Travel is a ticket to new experiences and perspectives.  The list of places to visit keeps getting longer!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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